Only the best will do.

Utah Farm Fresh Pork

We raise your pork in the high mountains of Utah, so that your Utah Farm Fresh Pork is the finest pork available to you and your family. Raised on the best mountain pastures during the spring, summer, and fall, along with our own grown grain and alfalfa hay in the winters, nothing can match the quality of Utah Farm Fresh Pork.

We raise your pork with no hormones and no antibiotics. Healthy animals, on a healthy diet, in a healthy environment, raised in healthy numbers, don't need hormones or antibiotics. We never place your pork in a congested feed lot environment, or try to force your pork to grow un-naturally fast, so hormones or antibiotics just aren't necessary.

But raising the best pork is only a small portion of the picture. Another important part is what happens once your pork leaves our pastures. We then have your pork cut and wrapped to your specifications and family size. The cuts and number of chops, steaks per package, the sizes of roasts, bacon, sausage, ham, help to make fewer leftovers and less waste.

We provide you with the quality of pork we expect for ourselves. No exceptions.

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